Speech! Speech!


There are many aspects to a person’s wedding that people look forward to; the dress, the food, the music and inevitably the speeches. Many of us are guilty of inflicting our previous experiences of speeches, on those about to speak. Perhaps we expect the address to seemingly last forever or hope that it lasts a short sharp 5 minutes filled with laughter and tears.

There can be such expectation on the speeches that it is important to us at Priston Mill they happen in a way that makes those participating feel confident and comfortable.

Traditionally the speeches happen after the main meal before tea and coffee is served. This does mean that your guests have been wined and dined, making everyone a little more relaxed and appreciative of your words.

However on some occasions people are particularly nervous and would prefer to ‘get it out the way’. In which case you can opt to have the speeches before you start the wedding breakfast. If doing so we would suggest you time the speeches carefully so that when our chefs present your delicious starter it is still delicious, and not compromised by a speaker over-running.

In our experience we have found speeches last between 5 & 10 minutes. It may not sound like a long time, but better to be short and sweet!

If one or all of your speakers are especially anxious, we have a PA system & microphone available for hire. However the acoustics in our old, majestic venues are amazing, so it is very rarely required.

You may have heard of a Master of Ceremonies; a person who makes the introductions and announcements. On occasion the Bride & Groom will hire or appoint such a person. However, if you would prefer our Events Managers are more than happy to make these announcements for you.

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5 Minutes with…Laura Langley

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Laura has been with PM Hospitality LTD for over 4 years now. She started working at the weekends as a member of our waiting staff whilst studying at university, which she enjoyed so much she decided to stay. Laura has now advanced to Event Manager, keeping busy planning and leading your special day. We stole her away for 5 minutes to ask for some sage advice.

What do you love most about the lead up the big day?

I love when couples come by a few days before to drop off their decorations and discuss any final details. It is always so lovely to see their theme, style and colour scheme, I have seen many weddings but no two are ever the same.

What do you look forward to during the day itself?

I really look forward to speeches. There are always some laughs, especially from the Best Man and Father of the Bride. The Grooms speech is often very sweet and heartfelt. On several occasions the Groom has thanked me and my team during his speech, which is really kind and much appreciated.

When it comes to decorating the venue, do you think ‘less is more’ or ‘go all out’?

Definitely less is more, especially in The Watermill, it has so much character it doesn’t need much decorating which is part of its charm. The Tythe Barn can accommodate a little more, especially in the main room. We recently had an Interior Designer get married with us and she did a beautiful job, she had a myriad of decorations but it didn’t look cluttered at all.

What is your top tip to planning a seamless wedding day?

Trust your Event Manager! Don’t try and do too much yourselves, relax and try not worry too much about things that are out of you control, that is what we are here for.

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